Bulking Machine of Food

food puffing machine

The advantages of food puffing machine:

1. Grain puffing machine has the advantages of novel design, compact structure, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

2. The transmission system of puffing food equipment is stable, safe, and reliable, durable, and low failure rate.

3. The key components of automatic food puffing machines are special alloy materials after heat treatment, a long period of useful life, and low production cost.

4. Extruder screw design has a strong, self-cleaning effect, the screw groove can automatically clean, therefore, when changing the formula and product types, there is no need to stop cleaning.

5. Extruder screw has a strong pumping function, the material has a strong adsorption and diffusion effect. The propulsion speed is faster, and the product quality is relatively stable.

6. The extruder screw discharge nozzle is of modular design for easy adjustment.

7. Automatic feeding system, a new type of switched reluctance speed motor control of horizontal transmission screw, quantitative feeding, can effectively avoid material from arch.

8. The independent cutting device of the leisure puffing food equipment is connected with the machine body to facilitate the adjustment of the cutter and the gap between the cutter and the template.

9. According to the needs of different templates can be configured to produce different specifications and shape of products.

10. The main shaft is a composite structure, and the spare extension shaft can be used for the expansion processing of different raw materials.

11. In the single screw expansion, machine equipment 30 kW or more can be added to the wet quencher expansion.

12. From raw material preparation extrusion, extrusion, sandwich, forming, disconnect, spraying, seasoning to a finished product once for all, high level of mechanical automation.

food puffing machine

Working principle of food puffing machine:

The design principle of the food puffing machine is using the unequal spacing of the puffing machine. The non-standard screw system is extruded and pushed. The gas in the raw material is discharged. It is quickly filled by the material, and the material will flow back under the action of shear force, increasing the pressure in the chamber. The organization will be changed with the friction between the screw and the chamber, the material is fully mixed, extruded, heated, pasting, and pasting.

The inherent structure is destroyed. At the same time, mechanical energy is transformed into heat energy by the friction of materials in the chamber, to make the material flow into a state of gelation. When the material is squeezed to the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure to normal pressure. It changes from a high temperature to room temperature in a flash, causing the water to evaporate quickly.

food puffing machine

What can a Bulking machine of food do:

Food puffing machines can delicately process rice, corn, soybean, wheat, and so on. Making hollow-core bar-shaped, peanut-shaped, biscuit shaped, twist shaped, and plum-shaped puffed food of different shapes, crisp and sweet, easy to digest, for all ages.

Puffing food production line equipment is a kind of food processing equipment which absorbs advanced overseas technology, its performance index reaches the advanced international level of similar equipment. It can produce a variety of small food, donut, bugles, non – fried puffed food, fried pasta, and other food.

The food puffer machine is provided with mold head and operation instruction. It can produce and process pentagonal star shape, green bean shape, diamond shape, pot shape, matchbox shape, etc., the expanded product style is diversified.

Food extruder is commonly used to make Fried rice blocks, rice sugar, food surface decoration, small particles, etc. The size of particles produced by the food puffing machine can be adjusted with different handpieces and blades, ranging from marbles to sesame seeds. The Bulking machine of food is light in weight, compact in size, compact in construction, convenient in use, affordable in price, and rich in economic benefits. It provides a good project for entrepreneurs with low cost and low risk.