Corn Puffing Food Machine

Coarse grain food is exquisitely processed by corn puffing food machines. Compared with the traditional process, the production capacity, quality, and adaptability of raw materials have been greatly improved, fortified with vitamins and minerals. It is popular because it saves time, and energy also has rich nutritional value.

Corn bulking machine has the characteristics of optional model multiple, facilities flexible configuration, common of raw materials, many product varieties, easy to use, and so on. It can produce a variety of puffing food popular in the market by changing different molds and changing production processes. Applicable to all kinds of food manufacturers.

Corn puffing food machine

Advantages of corn puffing food machine:

1. For different raw materials, we choose different screws and gas plugs, die hole, template, and ring gap to discharge. It can process different shapes of products, enrich the food variety, adapt to different consumer preferences, and expand sales.

2. Spiral, gas plug,wear-resistant ring, and expansion chamber inner sleeve selected wear-resistant alloy production, Stainless steel tee, and discharge cover. The heavy-duty thrust bearing with grease forced cooling filter, significantly longer service life, low operating cost.

3. A double head variable pitch screw is used in the feeder to ensure even discharge, and beautiful food shape effectively increases manufacturers’ profits.

4. The frequency converter drives the feeder, which helps adjust the feeding quantity at any time.

5.Large length-diameter ratio curve blade modulator, good mixing effect, long conditioning time(30~60s adjustable);

6. Double stainless steel plate adiabatic modulator, the heat loss is only 20 of that of the single-layer regulator. High heat utilization, energy saving, in line with the principle of sustainable development.

7. Bearing box and frame are cast as a whole, and the machine runs stably.

8.Optional computer automatic control system, complete automatic control of material water and steam. Improve factory automation, reduce labor, save labor cost, control production cost.

9. Lead-free puffing is realized to open the door of healthy puffing food and provide healthy gourmet enjoyment for most consumers.

10. Rapid expansion, high efficiency, greatly improve the output of food manufacturers, reduce production pressure, can obtain more profits.

11. After being extruded, the starch gelatinization degree of corn can reach more than 85%, with good extruding effect and better taste, conducive to brand building and brand effect.

Corn puffing food machine

The mainly used of Corn puffed food machine :

Corn puffing machines are suitable for puffing soybean processing, Corn, rice, wheat, and other coarse grains. With large output, low energy consumption, high safety, and many advantages, it is one of the necessary facilities for food manufacturers at home and abroad.

Other applications of industrial corn puffing machine:

Large pneumatic corn puffing machine maximizes the maintenance of wheat, rice, millet, corn, barley, buckwheat, sorghum, and other grains’ inherent flavor, color, and nutrients. It is a piece of ideal processing equipment for the primary processing of coffee, corn, buckwheat chips, and other food.

Process flow of large corn puffing machine:

Raw material preparation→mixing materials→transport→extruded expansion→convey→dry→filtrate→oil injection→seasoning

Equipment configuration of corn puffing machine:

mixer→appending machine→bulking machine→screen windmill→multilayer oven→vibrating screen→elevator→oil injection machine→seasoning through a roller


Technical parameters of corn bulking equipment:

brandLeaderthe heating energyLiquid gas or electricityproduct usagePuffed corn
power0.75(kw)voltage380/220(V)Shape and size1700*900*1350(mm)
net weight500(kg)packWooden case or simple membraneScope of applicationLeisure food factory equipment

Corn puffing food machine


As an advanced food puffing machine, the corn food puffing machine is elaborately designed by absorbing the advantages of the same type in the world and combining with many technological innovations. The combined spindle can be used for puffing and processing of different materials. The supporting facilities are simple, and the actual operation and maintenance are convenient and simple. The key components are specially made of unique alloy materials after heat treatment, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, and so on and broad application prospect.