Corn Puffing Machine

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Corn puffing machine

Corn puffing food equipment can puff rice, wheat, corn, Tartary buckwheat, buckwheat, beans, and other grains. It can maximize the maintenance of wheat rice, millet, corn, buckwheat, and other coarse grains’ original flavor, color, and nutrition. It is the ideal food processing machine for every large expansion processing plant and the ideal processing equipment for producing crispy coffee, corn, Tartary buckwheat cereal, and so on.

Corn puffing food produced by puffing equipment

Corn puffed food equipment installed in Brazil

Enthusiastic Brazilian customers have purchased corn puffing equipment from our plant. We delivered the machines within the agreed time of delivery. At the same time, we sent our elite engineers to install the machines. They describe their delight in choosing Corn puffed food equipment to provide perfect service and quality machines. In addition to Brazil, we export all kinds of food puffing equipment to Mali, Algeria, India, Egypt, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, and other countries.

Brazil’s customers
 Installed in Brazil

We snack puffing machine describe ourselves as one of the professional manufacturers of expanding extrusion Equipment, We can offer you, different models, with different power. Of course, we can customize the microwave baking equipment according to your requirements. If you are interested in our machine, please leave us a message.

10KW Food puffing machine
20kw Food puffing machine
30kw Food puffing machine
Can be customized higher power food puffing machinery

The unique function and advantage of food puffing machine:

  • 1. The machine has novel design, compact structure, and high production efficiency.
  • 2. We have different types of food machinery to meet your different requirements.
  • 3. Food machinery simple and convenient, smooth transmission, low noise.
  • 4. Food puffing equipment has a long service life and can save labor costs greatly.
  • 5.Short lead time: we have experienced workers who can manufacture egg trays and machinery in a short time.

Product specification :

Model numberCorn puffing machine
Assembly capacity93.41KW
Power Consumption41KW
Production Capacity100-150kg/h
boundary dimension18000*1200*2000mm(customizable)
Control modeTouch screen, PLC control

Why corn extruder is worth buying?

Why is corn puffing food machines so popular in the market? Here, we would like to list some reasons. And, for these reasons, you’ll find that corn puffing equipment is definitely worth the choice.

Daily application: First of all, corn puffing equipment raw materials are grains. Nowadays, whole grains are a popular diet trend, which is nutritious and delicious. Moreover, the corn puffing food produced by the equipment is tasty and crispy, welcomed by friends senior and young.

Pro-environment: Secondly, the equipment only needs to use water and electricity in the use process, and will not discharge waste gas and water in the whole working process.

As one of the top Food Equipment suppliers, our Food Equipment uses advanced technology and high-quality materials for our corn extruder. Therefore, it has a long service life. At the same time, our machines can be customized to meet your productivity needs. If you buy any of our Food equipment, we will send technicians on-site guidance, provide practical operation and maintenance training, a regular telephone, mail, home visits, and satisfaction survey. If you need machines, please contact us, and we look forward to serving you!