Cornmeal Snack Machine to Satisfy Your Appetite

Puffed snack food is a kind of crispy snack with a strong grain flavor. As a convenient and nutritious snack, various cereal puffed foods are widely welcomed by children and adults.

Corn is a natural raw material for healthy food. Using corn flour as raw material to produce snacks, taste not only tasty but also nutritious. Therefore, with the continuous development of science and technology, corn puffer came into being.

Corn puffer

As we all know, corn puffer is an excellent machine for producing puffed food. Coarse grain food is made of expanded corn.

The traditional way is cooking, but the waiting time is long and the taste in general. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for food hygiene and health are higher. People gradually find a new breakthrough in the way of ripening, which is puffing!

Expanded corn production line

Compared with the traditional technology, corn expander has dramatically improved production, quality, adaptability of raw materials and other aspects. It strengthens the nutritional elements such as vitamins and minerals and is widely sought after for its time-saving, labor-saving, and rich nutritional value. Corn puffer has many features, including multiple models, flexible facilities, common raw materials, various products, and convenient use. It can produce a variety of puffed food in the market by changing different molds and production processes suitable for all kinds of food factories.

 Corn flour as raw material

Cornmeal snack machine has the following advantages:

  1. Larger output: 120-150kg can be produced per hour, which can meet mass production.
  2. More labor-saving: a skilled worker can operate multiple machines to reduce labor intensity.
  3. Shorter heating time: it only takes 6 minutes to puff corn at a time.
  4. Energy-saving: energy consumption per unit of the finished product is lower than that of the common type.
  5. Safer and more convenient operation: humanized design ensures the personal safety of operators and easy operation of workers.
  6. It is more convenient to collect materials.
  7. Reduce noise.
  8. Save more fuel.

The equipment uses ordinary corn flour as raw material, through a high-strength physical extrusion and instantaneous high temperature to achieve its expansion. So that the starch structure in cornflour changes, starch pre gelatinization, so that the extruded food particles are easier to dissolve in water, easier to be digested, and easier to absorb nutrition. It is easy to keep for a long time without deterioration. It can be eaten at any time, does not need too long processing ripening process. Convenient and nutritious.

Snack corn

As an advanced food expander, corn food expander is designed by absorbing the advantages of similar models in the world and combining with many technological innovation achievements. The combination type spindle can be used for expanding the processing of different materials. The supporting facilities are simple, and the actual operation and maintenance are convenient and simple. The key components are made of special alloy materials by heat treatment, which has the advantages of the high wear resistance level and long service life, and have broad application prospects.

As a professional snack manufacturer, if you also need such equipment, then don’t hesitate to choose a suitable corn flour snack machine. It will bring you considerable economic benefits, its development prospects are very broad, will not let you down! Buy fast!