Effect of extruding and puffing on grain food

Extrusion technology is one of the new technologies in modern food engineering. In recent years, puffed snack foods processed by extruding and puffing grain have been widely recognized.

Grain occupies a large proportion of Chinese residents’ dietary structure, which contains rich nutrients and can meet most of the physiological needs of the human body. Extruding technology to produce grain snacks has the advantages of high production efficiency, low production cost, and high utilization rate of raw materials. It can retain most of the nutrients in grains. The production of extruded snack food not only meets people’s nutritional needs but also facilitates people’s life, so extruded snack food has a broad market prospect.

snack puffing extruder    snack puffing extruder

Picture of puffed snack

Our Leader equipment company is manufacturing and developing the extruder snack machine, which meets the needs of the food of modern society. Extrusion technology has a wide application range, which can be used to process all kinds of beans, cereals, potatoes, and so on.

snack puffing extruder

The advantages of our snack puffing extruder

  1. With good continuous working performance, high production efficiency, thus reducing the production cost.
  2. It can improve the character of texture, density, and reconstitution properties of food raw materials.
  3. Improve the taste and flavor of the products, which is conducive to the fine preparation of coarse grains, making them more acceptable.
  4. By changing the type of raw material or the die head of the extrusion equipment, various flavors and shapes can be produced.
  5. Almost no wastes are discharged in the production process. Only a small amount of raw materials are discharged when starting up or stopping the machine, which reduces the waste of materials.


Working principle of snack puffing extruder:

Extrusion is a food puffing technology. It is a short-time high temperature and high-pressure process, through a combination of heat, shear force, and pressure, so that the water from the die when the mouth ejects instant vaporization.

The screw in the extruder rotates continuously. When the material enters the extruder, it is transported forward with the rotation of the screw as a result of screw and barrel, material, and barrel, the material between the strong friction. And the heat added to the sleeve of the extruder makes the material melt under high temperature and pressure. Before the material enters the die head, the molten material is completely in a fluid state. Finally, it reaches the normal temperature and pressure state immediately after being extruded from the die hole. The volume of the material also expands instantly, causing many micropores in the starch body inside the food. The volume expands rapidly, forming loose expanded food with a loose texture.

snack puffing extruder

China is a vast grain production country, but the general public is mostly in the original family processing of grain and has little understanding of convenient puffed snacks, which affects the development of breakfast cereals. The market for breakfast cereals in China is basically monopolized by foreign companies. In China, only some enterprises, such as COFCO group and southern China, produce breakfast cereals with relatively high prices, which is not accepted by the public. China is rich in grain resources, producing corn, rice, oats, millet, and other grains. Grains are deficient in lysine, so adding beans will make the amino acid composition more reasonable and facilitate absorption. The combination of different cereals will make the nutrition more comprehensive and balanced, so breakfast cereals will be the future trend.


Extrusion technology, as a new food processing technology, has been developed rapidly in China. Our country is a big country with grain production. There are many kinds of cereals in our country. Through the extrusion technology with a reasonable mix and production of puffed snacks and breakfast cereals, make full use of China’s rich cereals and its nutritious, safe and healthy, balanced, the extended shelf life of food crops, enriching people’s lives. So puffed snacks and breakfast cereals produced by extruding technology should be vigorously promoted.