Features and Maintenance Of Automatic Potato Chip Machine

Potato chips are a trendy snack because they are crispy and tasty, and there are many different flavors to choose from, which can mostly satisfy our appetite.

French fries are made of potato by advanced technology, crisp and delicious. Western-style fried chips and potato chips are popular all over the world because of their crisp taste and are favored by consumers.

     Potato chips

Technological process of potato chip production line:

Potato steeping machine – feeding elevator – cleaning and peeling machine – picking line – elevator – slicer – rinsing line – vibrating drain machine – Air-cooled drain machine – frying line – vibrating drain machine – Air-cooled drain machine – seasoning mixer – weighing packaging machine

Potato chip production line

Equipment components:

Potato cleaning and peeling machine: the potatoes are cleaned and peeled, with spiral discharge.

Picking conveyor: manually select the potatoes after cleaning and peeling, remove the unclean places, and unqualified materials.

Potato slicer: slice the peeled potatoes and install the equipment directly on the blanching machine.

Blanching cleaning machine: blanching chips/chips with 60-95 ° C hot water, removing starch, blanching, and color protection.

Air drying machine: remove the excess water on the surface of the chips after blanching, shorten the frying time behind.

Fried line: fried and colored, and optimize the taste and taste.

Drum seasoning and mixing machine: it is used for quick seasoning of potato chips. The equipment is equipped with an automatic dusting device, and the seasoning is even.

Packaging machine: according to the customer’s requirements, packing weight, packing machine automatic packing chips.

Product photograph

Features of automatic potato chip machine:

  1. The mesh belt is made of stainless steel and adopts variable frequency step-less speed regulation. The frying time is adjustable.
  2. It is equipped with an automatic lifting system, upper cover body, and mesh belt, which can be lifted and lowered for manual cleaning.
  3. Equipped with an automatic slag removal system to discharge the generated residues at any time.
  4. High efficient thermal conductivity device is set inside the equipment, which has high energy utilization efficiency.
  5. Electricity, coal, or natural gas are used as heating energy, and the whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is sanitary and easy to clean.
  6. It is equipped with a dynamic circulation system to filter out the oil residue in the production process, reduce the acid value of oil, and extend the service life of edible oil.
  7. The upper and lower double-layer mesh belts are used for transmission, and the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts to avoid product floating.
  8. The automatic oil draining system is adopted, the oil content of the product is low, and the appetite of the product is strong.

Product photograph

The frying principle of French fries is instant expansion, high frying temperature, and short frying time. Therefore, the fryer must be resistant to high temperatures. The plate of the fryer should be made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, with a thickness of 4mm, and better heat preservation and insulation design.

Fried potato chips

Use and maintenance:

  1. The wiring shall be in strict accordance with the circuit schematic diagram of the fryer, the shell must be grounded, and the front section of the main power line must be additionally connected with a leakage circuit breaker. It is strictly prohibited to touch electrical components with electricity.
  2. Before power on, add water and oil to the fryer to avoid burning the heating tube.
  3. Do not add water to the fryer during operation, and do not change the internal water when the oil temperature is higher than 80 ℃.
  4. Oil with high moisture content and easy to bubble shall not be used for this equipment.
  5. Change the water once a day in summer and according to the water quality in winter. The heating pipe must be immersed in the medium to work.
  6. When the fryer is working, if the food with large water content is added or excessive food is added at one time, it will generate boiling. In the fries fryer’s assembly line, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid the overflow of high-temperature oil.
  7. When the water level in the fryer is too high, excess water must be discharged from the drain valve to prevent oil spillage.
  8. The fryer’s set temperature shall not be higher than 230 ℃, and the power must be cut off when leaving.
  9. The fryer should be serviced at least once a month, and dirt should be removed from the heating tube surface.

Equipment real picture

There are many kinds of chips fryers on the market, and the prices are very different, so we should remind you that you can compare more in the process of purchasing fryers. Of course, if you decide to buy equipment, you can’t go for the cheap to choose the equipment at a lower price. Good frying equipment must be cost-effective equipment, we hope every friend can order the ideal equipment.