Instant Noodle Equipment for inspection in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian customer ordered the fried instant noodles production line in our company in March. We made the production according to the customer’s request. The customer came to our company this week to inspect the goods.

Food puffing machine

Instant noodles are prevalent at home and abroad as a quick, convenient, and tasty pasta dish. Instant noodles, also known as fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, fast cooked noodles, instant noodles, Hong Kong is called son noodles, are a kind of noodles cooked in hot water in a short period. Food puffing machine.

Food puffing machine

Instant noodles are ready to eat foods that can be eaten quickly (usually within 3 minutes) by cooking, frying, fixing the shape of noodles (usually square or round). Blistering with boiling water, dissolving seasonings, and blistering noodles in a short period (usually within 3 minutes).

Food puffing machine Food puffing machine

Characteristics of instant noodles equipment:

High yield, low consumption.

The automation degree is high, the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the man-machine interface and the PLC control are adopted.

Continuous machine single motor, multi-motor control, steaming machine multi-layer, single-layer structure (selected by users).

Closed cooler energy saving, high hardness alloy cast iron roll, durable.

Beautiful shape, convenient operation, in line with sanitary requirements.

The oil content is in accordance with the national standard: 17 ≤ 22%.

Food puffing machine

Instant noodles raw materials:

The main raw materials are water, flour, etc.

Capacity of instant noodles:11000pcs/8hours 、30000pcs/8hours、60000pcs/8hours

Customer test machine:

Food puffing machine Food puffing machine