Cornmeal Snack Machine to Satisfy Your Appetite

Puffed snack food is a kind of crispy snack with a strong grain flavor. As a convenient and nutritious snack, various cereal puffed foods are widely welcomed by children and adults. Corn is a natural raw material for healthy food. Using corn flour as raw material to produce snacks, taste not only tasty but also nutritious. Therefore, with the continuous development of science and technology, corn puffer came into being. Corn puffer As we all know, corn puffer is an excellent machine for producing puffed food. Coarse grain food is made of expanded corn. The traditional way is cooking, but … Read more

Snack Food Extruder Brings You More Delicious

The puffed food is crisp in taste, easy to digest, unique in flavor, and easy to carry. It is an ideal snack for consumers and a very popular small food. So, do you know how these small foods are made? Puffed food Many kinds of expanded foods can be processed by extrusion molding technology, such as instant cereal, instant food, dairy products, and many other foods. Moreover, by simply changing the mold, the product shape can be changed to produce other appearance products. Therefore, product types are various. The patterns are uniform, which can form a series of products, which … Read more

Features and Maintenance Of Automatic Potato Chip Machine

Potato chips are a trendy snack because they are crispy and tasty, and there are many different flavors to choose from, which can mostly satisfy our appetite. French fries are made of potato by advanced technology, crisp and delicious. Western-style fried chips and potato chips are popular all over the world because of their crisp taste and are favored by consumers.      Potato chips Technological process of potato chip production line: Potato steeping machine – feeding elevator – cleaning and peeling machine – picking line – elevator – slicer – rinsing line – vibrating drain machine – Air-cooled drain machine … Read more

Corn Puffing Snack Machine Makes Corn More Possible

Corn puffed snack uses corn flour, oats, and other grains as raw materials, which are extruded and ripened by screw and shaped. The shape can be realized by changing the mold, including ball, tube, heart, slice, and so on, different flavors can be obtained by seasoning. Ingredients: corn flour, rice flour, flour, other cereal ingredients, etc. Products: we can by changing the mold to get different shapes, such as heart-shaped, spherical, pentagram, tubular, ring-shaped, etc.   Corn ring                    Cornball                     Corn strip The puffed corn snack machine is composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, … Read more

Snack Puffing Machine

The puffed food is crunchy, digestible, fragrant, and easy to carry, and it is consumers’ ideal casual snacks that also a popular consumption of small food. Leader microwave equipment company’s snack puffing machine using advanced extruding technology. Two kinds of products with different texture and flavor are extruded together on the twin-screw machine to produce various kinds of extruding sandwich foods such as wheat fragrant chicken pieces, sandwich rice cake, and rice flour puffing food. It can also change the mold and auxiliary equipment, production of nutrition powder, rice crust, grains piece, breakfast porridge, and various puffed snack shapes. Overview … Read more

Leisure Food Making Machine

The extrusion and puffing technology has been developed rapidly and widely in the food field. The food is extruded and processed by the leisure food making machine. The material characteristics of the food are obviously changed. The macromolecular substances contained in the food such as protein, starch, cellulose, and the like are cut into small molecular substances under the action of high temperature, high pressure, and strong shearing force so that the taste of the food is improved. The content of the soluble dietary fiber and the digestive absorption rate of the human body are improved, the nutrition of the … Read more

Twin Screw Puffed Food Snack Equipment

The twin-screw puffed food snack equipment is suitable for the puffing and molding food, such as oat cake, snowflake crisp, grain cake,  caramel treats, crunchy rice candy, egg crisp, peanut sugar, melon seed crisp, peanut cake, Kimasu, sesame cake and so on. Extrusion molding technology can be used to process all kinds of puffed food, ready-to-eat grain food, fast food, dairy products, and other foods. And by simply changing the mold, the shape of the product can be changed to produce the product’s other appearance. Therefore, there are many types of products with all kinds of patterns, which can form a series of products, … Read more

Bulking Machine of Food

The advantages of food puffing machine: 1. Grain puffing machine has the advantages of novel design, compact structure, easy operation, and convenient maintenance. 2. The transmission system of puffing food equipment is stable, safe, and reliable, durable, and low failure rate. 3. The key components of automatic food puffing machines are special alloy materials after heat treatment, a long period of useful life, and low production cost. 4. Extruder screw design has a strong, self-cleaning effect, the screw groove can automatically clean, therefore, when changing the formula and product types, there is no need to stop cleaning. 5. Extruder screw … Read more

Corn Puffing Food Machine

Coarse grain food is exquisitely processed by corn puffing food machines. Compared with the traditional process, the production capacity, quality, and adaptability of raw materials have been greatly improved, fortified with vitamins and minerals. It is popular because it saves time, and energy also has rich nutritional value. Corn bulking machine has the characteristics of optional model multiple, facilities flexible configuration, common of raw materials, many product varieties, easy to use, and so on. It can produce a variety of puffing food popular in the market by changing different molds and changing production processes. Applicable to all kinds of food manufacturers. Advantages of corn … Read more

Puffed Food Machinery and Equipment

To enrich the variety of small food products and meet the needs of customers. Leader microwave equipment company’s puffing food machine equipment has applied the advanced twin-screw puffing and extrusion technology. By simply changing molds and changing processing techniques, many different styles and flavors of snacks can be produced, simplifying the production process. The production line equipment occupies a small area, equipped with flexibility, easy to operate, strong adaptability, and highly praised professionals. 一.Wet twin-screw bulking machine   1. New upgrade to develop arch-breaking feeder, uniform feeding, no arch, to ensure smooth bulking machine. 2. Twin-screw puffing machine adopts the latest twin-shaft modulator, … Read more