Introduction to the characteristics of Snack Making Machine

In that process of the present food and oil food, the extrusion and puffing technology are among the high and new technologies of modern food engineering. More and more attention has been paid to the food enterprises, the snack making machine. The twin-screw puffed wheaten food is especially popular with the food processing enterprises, which are the main raw materials of cereals and potatoes. In the traditional method of processing cereal foods, it is generally necessary to undergo production processes such as pulverization, mixing, molding, baking, or frying. Each process needs to be equipped with corresponding equipment, and the production … Read more

Effect of extruding and puffing on grain food

Extrusion technology is one of the new technologies in modern food engineering. In recent years, puffed snack foods processed by extruding and puffing grain have been widely recognized. Grain occupies a large proportion of Chinese residents’ dietary structure, which contains rich nutrients and can meet most of the physiological needs of the human body. Extruding technology to produce grain snacks has the advantages of high production efficiency, low production cost, and high utilization rate of raw materials. It can retain most of the nutrients in grains. The production of extruded snack food not only meets people’s nutritional needs but also … Read more