Nigeria buy Breakfast Cereal Equipment

A customer from Nigeria found us through our website to purchase corn flakes with 250kg per hour. Nachos are the strengths of our company, and our technology is very professional. Our corn flake equipment is exported to more than 20 countries and regions and has received unanimous praise from customers.

breakfast cereal equipment

The customer communicated with us via email as follows:

1.The production process and equipment list of nachos?

Corn flakes are processed into nutritious cereals and breakfast cereals through ingredients, extrusion, tablet pressing, baking, sugar coating, and other processes.

Mixer→Screw hoister→Double screw extruder→Cooling conveyor→Air conveyor→Big flaking machine→Air conveyor→3-layer oven→Hoister→Shifter→High temperature inflating machine→Flavoring line→Drying and cooling machine

breakfast cereal equipment

1. What is the output of the nachos production line?


2. What is the raw material for nachos breakfast cereals?

It includes flour, cornflour, rye flour, rice flour, and all kinds of grain and beans.

3. The corn flake production line covers an area?

It can be designed according to the actual factory area of the customer.

4. Countries that are not rich in electricity resources can change their electric ovens to gas/oil ovens.

5. What is the power of the entire production line?

200-250kg/h 204kw、300-500kg/h 234kw

6. How many workers do we need for the cornflake production line?

The whole line requires four or five workers.

7. Does it need a stem?

No steam, no boiler, simple operation.

8. This customer requires corn noodles to make classic breakfast nachos. According to customer requirements, we have tested the machine for customers and sent samples to customers.

9. The nachos production line can do a variety of products, the nachos production line can produce breakfast cereals, cornflakes, expanded snacks, baby snacks, and so on, widely used. The following picture shows some of the samples made by the cornflake production line:

breakfast cereal equipment    breakfast cereal equipment

After the above communication, customers have a preliminary understanding of our company’s nachos production line.

The customer expects to visit our company in August to discuss further cooperation.