Corn Puffing Machine

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Corn puffing machine Corn puffing food equipment can puff rice, wheat, corn, Tartary buckwheat, buckwheat, beans, and other grains. It can maximize the maintenance of wheat rice, millet, corn, buckwheat, and other coarse grains’ original flavor, color, and nutrition. It is the ideal food processing machine for every large expansion processing plant and the ideal processing equipment for producing crispy coffee, corn, Tartary buckwheat cereal, and so on. Corn puffing food produced by puffing equipment Corn puffed food equipment installed in Brazil Enthusiastic Brazilian customers have purchased corn puffing equipment from our … Read more

Food puffing machine

Introduce Model Parameter Advantage Video PDF Download PDF Food puffing machine is used for processing and puffing of food. Using rice, corn, soybean, wheat, and vegetable in daily life as raw materials and processed by puffing equipment, nutritious, and delicious food is produced. With the growing demand for snack foods in our daily life, crispy and sweet puffed foods are becoming more and more popular. As a result, many manufacturers of puffed foods are buying food puffing equipment. Our Corn flour puffed snack equipment machines have been exported to Algeria, Egypt, India, Dominica, Zambia, Tanzania, ivory coast, the Philippines, Russia, … Read more