Snack Food Making Machine

Introduce Model Characteristic Video PDF Download PDF A snack food making machine is used to produce puffed and squeezed snacks. In daily life, snack food is our broad masses, like small snacks after dinner. Both supermarkets and shopping malls welcome casual snacks. According to market research, the sales of casual snacks will bring you huge profits Leader Microwave Equipment Company is providing you with hundreds of food machines. Now is the time to find the right one! With the end of the Canton fair machinery exhibition, our new and old customers begin to visit our Tuo Bo company to deepen … Read more

Corn Flour Puffed Snack Equipment

Introduce Advantage Model Video PDF Download PDF Our leader machinery and equipment for puffing food companies mainly produce various kinds of puffing snack equipment. Cornmeal puffed snack equipment is a puffed food machine, used to produce corn puffed food. Due to its high quality, competitive price and advanced technology, our leader microwave equipment company’s puffing snack machine is selling well in the market  Cornmeal puffing snack equipment Leader features of cornmeal puffing snack equipment: 1. Corn flour puffing snack machine has complete design and advanced technology. 2.Easy to operate, stable and efficient 3. Corn flour puffing equipment can be customized according to … Read more

Machinery and Equipment for Puffing Food

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Puffing food machine is a new type of extruding machine for cereal and potato. The grain is placed in the puffing equipment, and the volume of the material itself expands to form potato chips and popcorn with the process of high temperature and pressure. Front view of microwave bulking equipment Why are puffing devices so popular with manufacturers these days? 1. Puffed food is a new kind of food developed in recent years, it has certain nutritional value and is sought after by children. 2. Food puffing equipment can produce various kinds … Read more

Twin Screw Puffing Food Snack Equipment

Introduce Parameter Advantage Video PDF Download PDF Puffed food snack equipment is made of cereals, tubers, and beans, which contain less water, after pressure and heat treatment, the volume of the raw material itself expands to form a crispy and sweet puffed snack. Extruded food produced by double screw extruder food equipment Our Industrial Microwave Equipment is one of the professional suppliers of twin-screw expanding food equipment and can produce mechanical equipment suitable for various types of grain extrusion. Moreover, these snack puffing machines have the advantage of advanced technology, high quality, high production efficiency, preferential price, and long service life. The … Read more