Puffed Food Equipment sold to South America

Mr. Jorge of the United States is one of our traders in the United States and South America. From 2011 to now, he has purchased a pet food production line, a puffed food production line, an oil machine, an instant noodle production line, a cornflake breakfast cereal production line, and the like. We’ve been keeping close cooperation.

Jorge, entrusted by his end customers, came to our company to inspect the puffed snack production equipment, which produces 200-250 kg / h. We introduced our products to Jorge again:

The whole production line of expansion equipment includes: (100-150Kgh,100-250kg/h,300-500kg/h,500kg+/h).

Puffed Food Equipment

2.Screw hoister

Transport the well-stirred material to the next equipment, closed transportation, can avoid spraying the material outside. It has a stainless steel screw, which avoids the agglomeration and blockage of the material in transportation.

3.Double-screw expansion machine

The machine is composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, and control system. Adopt advanced screw extrusion technology, use high temperature and high pressure to mature and expand the material, complete at one time. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the stability of the production process. Product color, variety, beautiful appearance, natural, lifelike, delicate texture, a wide range of raw materials.

4.Air feeder

Use fan force to transport materials to the next equipment-oven.


And the temperature is controlled by 200-300℃. The baking time can be adjusted.

Remove the moisture in the puffed snacks, make the puffed food taste crisp, and maintain its appearance.

Besides, ovens can be made into electric ovens, fuel, or gas ovens. It can be customized according to the local resource cost of customers!

6.Drum type seasoning line

The seasoning system comprises a lifting machine, a seasoning roller, a powder distributor, and an oil injection machine. The powdery seasoning and the oily seasoning can be separately sprayed and seasoned so that the product is better in taste and appearance.

7.High configuration:

The whole production line is made of high-quality stainless steel material, and the food contact part is made of 304 stainless steel.

Main motor: Siemens (Germany) brand

Frequency converter: Taida

Electrical device: ABB

Warranty period: 12 months.

Provide vulnerable parts for use within one year.

After consulting with us for a price, Mr. Jorge signed a contract with a 50% deposit. Because he’s an old friend of our past and old customers, he trusts our products and services, and once again, thanks to Jorge’s trust! I hope we have more cooperation in the future!

Puffed Food Equipment Puffed Food Equipment Puffed Food Equipment Puffed Food Equipment Puffed Food Equipment