Puffed Food Machinery and Equipment

To enrich the variety of small food products and meet the needs of customers. Leader microwave equipment company’s puffing food machine equipment has applied the advanced twin-screw puffing and extrusion technology. By simply changing molds and changing processing techniques, many different styles and flavors of snacks can be produced, simplifying the production process.

The production line equipment occupies a small area, equipped with flexibility, easy to operate, strong adaptability, and highly praised professionals.

 twin screw bulking machine

一.Wet twin-screw bulking machine


1. New upgrade to develop arch-breaking feeder, uniform feeding, no arch, to ensure smooth bulking machine.

2. Twin-screw puffing machine adopts the latest twin-shaft modulator, the material stays for a long time and modulates evenly. Effectively improve the material pre-curing degree and increase production.

3. The power distribution box is manufactured with advanced international technology to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of mechanical equipment for a long time.

4. The lubrication system adopts fine filtration and forced cooling to make the best working conditions for bearings.

5. Extruder screw adopts an integral mandrel and screw block combination structure, which can meet various processing standards.

6. High wear-resistant alloy extruder screw and nitriding treatment puffing inner sleeve ensure that the machine and equipment can run smoothly for a long time under high output, high quality working conditions.

7. The turbulent discharge device makes the extruded puffing material more beautiful, and uniform and the material shape is uniform and stable.

8. Lifting beam cutting device is used for twin-screw puffing machine, which can quickly disassemble formwork and facilitate lifting barrel and screw during maintenance.

9. Automatic control system components are all world-famous brands, effectively improve the smooth operation of equipment.

10. The heating system has the choice of automatic electric heating control and steam control.

 twin screw bulking machine

Technical parameters of twin-screw puffing machine:

typeMain motor poweroutput


二.Conventional twin-screw bulking machine


A brief introduction to the performance of conventional twin-screw bulking machine:

1. Series 1 twin-screw extruder is composed of a feeding system, extrusion forming system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, lubrication system, and automatic control system. All the systems cooperate closely to ensure the smooth operation of the whole machine.

2. The feeding system, drive system, and rotary cutting system of continuous extruders use frequency conversion speed regulation, powerful power, stable operation, environmental protection, and energy-saving.

3. Automatic lubrication and forced cooling ensure the smooth operation of the twin-screw extruders.

4. According to different characteristics of raw materials, single and double screw feeding system is selected to ensure even, stable and reliable feeding.

5. Extruder screw adopts high hardness alloy steel processing and forging, good wear resistance, long service period, saving maintenance and update cost.

6. Different screw length-diameter ratio and structure conform to different processing technology standards, one machine is multi-purpose, which greatly enriches product categories, reduces risks, and increases profits.


Type and parameters of twin-screw bulking machine:

typemain motor powerscrew


outputexternal dimensionapplicable


DL327.5kw760mm5-15kg/h2000x600x1500mmPuffed food







 twin screw bulking machine

三.New twin-screw bulking machine


Performance characteristics of a new twin-screw bulking machine:

1. The new twin-screw bulking machine adopts the advanced Swiss machinery manufacturing technology and is manufactured in China to ensure the equipment quality and low price.

2. The motor and distribution boxes are driven by direct connection, which greatly reduces the energy loss and conforms to the sustainable development industry concept.

3. Feeding, rotary cutting, and drive motor use frequency conversion speed regulation system, powerful power, stable operation, and save energy.

4. The screw is made of special alloy material by special technology, supplemented by automatic lubrication, forced cooling, and filtration system, which can effectively reduce the mechanical energy consumption and prolong the service life several times.

5. Integral and sectional combination screw can be selected to meet different requirements of food manufacturers.

6. The dispatch box completes the application of new technology, with higher production capacity and longer service life of the same type.

7. The rotary cutting equipment adopts an abrasive suspension set, linear bearing tool adjustment device, safe, accurate, and convenient to operate.


Parameters of the twin-screw bulking machine:

typemain motor poweroutput boundary dimensionapplicable product
DL5722/30KW100-150kg/h3600x1000x1800mmPuffed food







 twin screw bulking machine

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s consumption level, the leisure food industry is increasingly prosperous, various kinds of small snack puffing machines emerge in an endless way, how to choose a suitable food puffing machine is a concern of food manufacturers. The puffing equipment produced by our factory has advanced technology, long service life, and wide application range. So it is the majority of investors’ best choice.