Purchase of Puffing Equipment in Namibia

In Namibia, Ernest saw the double-screw expansion device from our company’s website and was very interested in sending an email asking about the production line.

Ernest. He is the manager of a listed company. After a period of struggle, he has saved up part of the money to invest in his own projects. According to his investigation in the local market, the expanding snack is very popular in the local area, so we sent an email for a consultation. According to the client’s demand, we recommend the production line with a minimum output of 56 double screw hosts, equipped with 3 layers of an electric oven and a single screw seasoning line. This configuration provides not only continuous full-automatic production for customers but also saving costs for customers.

Purchase of Puffing Equipment

Our company’s most significant advantage is that we can customize the production line according to the funds and venues of different customers so that customers can use the least capital investment in exchange for the most feasible machine configuration!

1. The production process of double-screw puffed snacks:

Mixer-spiral hoist-twin-screw expander-air conveyor (PVC hoist)-oven-seasoning line-cooler-packing machine

2. Raw material requirements: double-screw expansion production line can use corn, rice, wheat, starch, black rice, mung bean, buckwheat, and other grain powder as raw materials, raw material fineness is usually required above 60~80mm.

3.Oven: according to customer needs, can provide electric oven, gas oven, fuel oven. Our oven is a mesh belt type circular oven, with adjustable temperature and speed, and the mesh belt can be configured with superfine mesh cloth according to different material sizes. Baking temperature can reach 200-300 degrees, remove the moisture of expanded food, make puffing snack (ball, chips)taste crisper.

4. Seasoning system: automatic seasoning system for lifting feeding, seasoning drum, oil injection, seasoning powder, and so on, through seasoning can make snacks more delicious and beautiful!

If the investment capital is limited, you can consider using semi-automatic octagonal barrel seasoning.


The die is placed on the head of the double-screw extruder, which is used to change the shape of small snacks. We have hundreds of shapes available for customers to select.

The customer can also provide pictures, we customize the mold for the customer.

Through online communication, customers are very satisfied with our products and services. Let’s do PI and send it, and customers have applied for visas. We are expected to visit our company next month.

We welcome every visitor to visit our company.