Saudi Arabian customer visits sandwich rice crackers

This month, our international sales team received three customers from Saudi Arabia, a family business with a long history and strong strength, which does food processing business in Saudi Arabia. this visit is to discuss sandwich rice equipment with our company.

Our business personnel and engineers, through professional explanation, in the process of testing the machine, we use different molds to make a variety of shapes of expanded snacks and sandwich rice nuts for customers. Customers are very satisfied with the products produced by our equipment, at the same time, they are impressed by our professional service.

Customers in the visit to the company put forward the following questions, our engineers have also given professional answers to this!

double-screw expander

1. What is the production process of sandwich rice fruit?

Mixer→ Screw Hoister →Double Screw Extruder→ Air conveyor→ Dryer→ Seasoning line

2.Double-screw extruder as the main machine in the production line, what are the characteristics of double-screw expander?

double-screw expander

The main structure of double-screw equipment is composed of the following parts:

Feed system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, lubrication system, transmission system, heating system, control system

The characteristics of the machine are as follows: according to the demand of the market, corn, rice, black rice, mung bean, buckwheat, oat, and other cereal grains can be used as raw materials, through the forced extrusion and expansion of the equipment, coupled with drying, oil injection, seasoning, and other corresponding auxiliary processes, the design of this kind of expanded food production line with various flavors is reasonable, the automation level is high, the output is high, the technology is advanced, and the mainframe adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation system. Strong energy saving. It is a hot and new food processing technology in the world today. It is a hot and new food processing technology in the world today. After expansion, grain raw materials are widely welcomed by consumers worldwide because of their expanded volume, loose tissue, crispy taste, α starch, and increased water-soluble components.

As we all know, the main component of grain is starch. Raw starch is insoluble in water, It is not easy to digest and absorbed by the human body, only by swelling raw starch through hot water, making starch α, can it be digested and absorbed by the human body. However, boiled raw starch (rice, noodles, etc.) will gradually harden at room temperature or low temperature, and the taste will deteriorate, which is commonly called “retrogradation.” The starch in this state is called β starch. Extrusion technology makes the raw starch of grain gelatinized and becomes an α starch structure that is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. At the same time, it can maintain a stable α structure during a certain shelf life, which can prevent “retrogradation” and maintain a good taste.

3. What is the main raw material for the production of sandwich rice fruit?

The cornflour, the rice flour, the wheat flour, and the like can be used as the raw material of the sandwich rice-fruit puffed part. The sandwich may be adjusted using jam, peanut butter, cream, chocolate, and the like, depending on the taste preferences of the local population of the customer. After the customer confirms the order, we will provide a detailed formula to the customer.

4. Is the length and shape of the rice nut adjustable?

A: the shape of the rice fruit can be adjusted by replacing the roller on the cutting machine, and the length can be changed by adjusting the speed of the cutter.

5. Can the voltage be changed to the voltage applied in Saudi Arabia?

A: we can customize the voltage according to customer requirements.

There is a charge of 5% for other factories, and our company will replace it for you free of charge!

6.Motor brand? Can you use Siemens Motor in Germany and Delta Inverter?

A: yes, we are now using famous domestic brands of motor and electrical devices, and according to the specific requirements of customers for private customization.

7. Can the machine material meet the local standards of Saudi Arabia? Can ss304 stainless steel be used in all stainless steel parts?

A: our machine can do Saudi SASO certification, fully meet the local standards, in addition, stainless steel can be made of ss304 stainless steel.

8. What material is used for the screw in the expander?

A: It is an alloy material called 38CrMoAL/38 Mo-Al. This special material has high hardness and anti-abrasive characteristics and is widely used in the production of the expander.

9. Sandwich rice fruit production line can also be used in the production of ordinary expanded products. Changing the mold can make a variety of delicious puffed products, such as finger puffs, doughnuts, rice crust, small stars, balls, Pumpkin Puff, cheese ball, cheese chips, etc.

double-screw expander

10.Warranty and after-sales service of the machine.

We provide a one-year free warranty, even after the warranty period, will provide appropriate technical support and regular return visits.

Installation and debugging: we will send an experienced engineer to the customer’s factory for installation and debugging, on-site training of workers, and to modulate the product according to the local market of the customer.

double-screw expander

Customers observe that our technology is very professional, pleased to find our leader factory in so many suppliers, he has great trust in us! A week after returning home, let our sales Cindy do PI to send, and then arrange a deposit. Our company immediately held a new order meeting, and all relevant departments discussed this order. We firmly control each production link and must produce high-quality machines for our customers. Thank you for your trust and support.