Snack Processing Machinery

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Snack processing machinery is a set of machines used to produce fried and puffed snacks and instant noodles. The raw material used in snack production can be cereal, potato, and so on. Nowadays, snacks are indispensable snack food in our life. As demand for snacks increases, the puffed snack industry is a worthwhile investment.

As one of the professional suppliers of snack processing machinery, our leader microwave equipment company has many types of snack processing machinery. Each type has a different production capacity, and you can choose the right machine according to your capacity requirements. The right machine can save your investment cost and bring you more profitability. If you start a small business, you don’t need to buy large snack processing machines.

10K Snack puffing machine
20kw Snack puffing machine
30kw Snack puffing machine
 Higher power snack puffing machine can be customized

Product specification:

typeSnack puffing machine
assembly capacity93.41KW
actual power consumption41KW
production capacity100-150kg/h
boundary dimension18000*1200*2000mm(customizable)
control modeTouch screen, PLC control

With the continuous efforts and expansion of the company, our snack making machines and snack processing equipment have been sold worldwide, such as India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. An Ethiopian customer ordered a Fried instant noodle production line from our company in March. We have carried out production according to the customer’s requirements, who came to our company to inspect the goods this week.

Instant noodles produced by snack processing machinery

Advantages of snack processing machinery:

  • 1. High output and low energy consumption.
  • 2. The high degree of automation, frequency control, using human-machine interface, PLC control.
  • 3. Continuous single-motor, multi-motor control,  multiple layers of the noodle steamer, and single-layer structure(user-selection).
  • 4. The enclosed cooling machine is energy saving, high hardness alloy cast iron roll, durable.
  • 5. Beautiful shape, convenient operation, in line with health requirements.
  • 6. Oil content meets national standards:17-22%.
Instant noodle processing line
Instant noodle processing line

Preparatory work of your snack manufacturing business plan:

If you plan to start a snack business, you should do some preparatory work. Adequate preparation can make your business run more smoothly. First, you should know the cost of the investment, the price of the puffed snack maker, the floor space, and the manufacturer’s productivity.

Second, choose a reliable manufacturer. There are many instant noodle manufacturers on the market. You should compare factory size, professional technicians, technical, pre-sale and after-sales service, puffed snack machinery quality, etc. Comprehensive comparisons can help you make good choices.

Because of its good reputation, many customers want to buy snack processors from our Leader Machinery. We have a professional research and development team, production team, sales team, trade documentation team, and after-sales service team. Therefore, we can provide a one-stop service for you. You can rest assure to purchase snack processing equipment or instant noodle production line machines from our factory.

Good service to organize manufacturing machines:

  • 1. We will provide more detailed information about your question by email and telephone when we first receive your inquiry.
  • 2. We will arrange experts to help you install for snacks processing. Our engineers will train your workers if you need them.
  • 3. If you encounter any problems during operation, please contact us to help you solve them.
  • 4. Our Leader is one of the professional snack processing machine suppliers, which can provide lifelong maintenance service for the machine you purchase.

Leader Machinery is one of the reliable manufacturers of puffy snack machines. It has exported instant noodle production lines to Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, and other countries.

Look forward to working with you to purchase our snack processing equipment immediately!