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A snack puffing machine is a new type of machine used to produce puffing snack.No coal, just water, and electricity. Snack puffing machine can produce various kinds of snacks, such as stuffed rice nut, breakfast cereal, crispy rice crust, little star, and so on.

The main structure of twin-screw equipment is composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, lubrication system, transmission system, heating system, and control system.

Snack puffing machine features:

  • 1. According to the market demand, corn, rice, black rice, mung beans, buckwheat, oats, and other grains can be raw materials.
  • 2. The forced extrusion of the equipment, drying, oil injection, seasoning, and other corresponding auxiliary processing.
  • 3. This kind of puffing food production line with various flavors has a reasonable design, high automation level, high output, and advanced technology.
  • 4. It is hot and new food processing technology in the world.
  • 5. Cereal raw materials are puffed up, expanded in volume, loose in structure, crispy in taste, starchy, and water-soluble, easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body.

Our food puffing machine can provide you with various types of snack puffing machines, and our customers love them for their superior quality and competitive food machinery. If you have requirements, please contact us for more detailed information and snack food puffing machinery.

10KW Snack puffing machine
20kw Snack puffing machine
30kw Snack puffing machine
High power snack puffing machine can be customized

Product standard:

ModelSnack puffing machine
Assembly capacity93.41KW
The real power consumption41KW
Production capacity100-150kg/h
Boundary dimension18000*1200*2000mm(customizable)
Control modeTouch screen、PLC control

With the continuous efforts and expansion of the company, our puffing snack machines have been sold all over the world, such as India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and so on.

In May, our company’s international sales team received three customers from Saudi Arabia, a family enterprise with a long history and strong strength, which is engaged in the food processing business in salad Arabia. This visit is to negotiate with our company about filling rice and fruit equipment.

After a professional explanation and trial run by our business personnel and engineers, we produced various shapes of puffed snacks and stuffed rice nuts with different molds for customers. The customers were very satisfied with the products produced by our equipment and impressed with our professional services.

Customer factory visit
Production effect of different molds

The main working principle of our food puffing equipment is that mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. The heat generated by the rotation of the machine squeezes the food to maturity. Would you like more details? Just contact us.

Sandwich meters fruit

Warranty and after-sales service of the machine:

We provide a one-year free warranty, even after the warranty period, will provide the corresponding technical support and regular return visit.

Installation and debugging: We will send experienced engineers to the customer factory for installation and commissioning, on-site training workers, according to the customer’s local market modulation products.

Customer visiting

Many visiting customers see that our technology is very professional, and they are very happy to find our factory among so many suppliers. He has great trust in us! One week after I returned to China, I asked the sales staff of our company to make PI, and then I arranged the deposit. Our company immediately held a new order meeting, and all relevant departments discussed the order. We firmly controlled all production links, and we will surely produce high-quality machines for customers.

And in the shortest time to hand over the order, choose us, not live up to your expectations! Thanks for your trust and support!