Snack Puffing Machine

The puffed food is crunchy, digestible, fragrant, and easy to carry, and it is consumers’ ideal casual snacks that also a popular consumption of small food.

Leader microwave equipment company’s snack puffing machine using advanced extruding technology. Two kinds of products with different texture and flavor are extruded together on the twin-screw machine to produce various kinds of extruding sandwich foods such as wheat fragrant chicken pieces, sandwich rice cake, and rice flour puffing food. It can also change the mold and auxiliary equipment, production of nutrition powder, rice crust, grains piece, breakfast porridge, and various puffed snack shapes.

twin - screw small food expanding machine

Overview of snack puffing machine:
Puffing machine for small snacks is another kind of high-end snack food production machine after the second generation of puffing food production line equipment. It uses corn starch and potato starch as the main raw materials and uses unique extrusion processing technology to achieve the best appearance. The small food is naturally beautiful in shape, delicate in texture, and crisp in taste, widely welcomed.

Characteristics of twin-screw small food expanding machine:

1. Small snacks puffer mechanical power is strong, more stable operation, more power saving: the host adopts advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology, reasonable design.

2. Extruding machine screw adopts alloy steel nitriding treatment, the screw has good corrosion resistance and long service life.

3. Small snack puffing machine can produce a variety of food: individual device selection of building blocks combination structure can be combined according to different needs.

4. The mandatory lubrication system ensures smooth operation of the transmission system, reduced maintenance, and longer service life.

5. Small snack puffing machine control precision, easy to operate: visibility automatic temperature control system, make the temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters.

6. Strong continuous production capacity, a high degree of automation, save manpower: extruding machine screw with self-cleaning function, no need to shut down and disassemble cleaning.

7. Small snacks puffed machinery cost-effective, multi-purpose, powerful: different screw and diameter ratio can meet different processing technology.

8. The twin-screw extruding machine has wide adaptability to raw materials, various product shapes, and flexible configuration. Different models and configurations can produce different products.

twin - screw small food expanding machine

Technical parameters of snack puffing machine:

supply voltage380V/ 50Hz380V/ 50Hz
installed gross capacity88kw96kw
power Consumption60kw70kw
production capacity60-80kg/h80-120kg/h
production line length25m26m


Buy our small snack puffing machine, you will enjoy the following services:

1. Our company can undertake the design project of industrial equipment, listen to the buyer’s requirements in the manufacturing link, and fully consider the necessary conditions such as the buyer’s activity site in the plane layout. The machine and equipment can be 100% suitable for the manufacturer based on guaranteeing the quality.

2. When the machine arrives at the buyer’s factory, our company will send professional technicians to provide on-site service, specifically guide the installation and take charge of debugging until normal use.

3. Small snacks puffy equipment warranty period is one year, warranty period non-human factors of the facilities damaged, our company is responsible for free maintenance. Human factors of the facilities damaged, our company timely maintenance, only charge cost.

4.Small snack puffing machinery outside the warranty period of facility damage. After receiving the buyer’s notice, the professional staff will arrive at the provincial company on the ground within 2 days and arrive at other provincial companies within 4 days.

5. As a professional puffed food machinery manufacturer, our company has long been to provide buyers with high-quality spare parts and related support services.

twin - screw small food expanding machine

As the choice of international advanced twin-screw extrusion technology, integration of many years of enterprise expansion research experience, to meet the market demand of the food industry and design and manufacture of new puffing food facilities, small snacks puffing machinery with the universal application of raw materials, production of a variety of products, frequency control, high automation level, stable operation, long service life, and other advantages. The market prospect is considerable, in the world at the leading level.