Nigeria buy Breakfast Cereal Equipment

A customer from Nigeria found us through our website to purchase corn flakes with 250kg per hour. Nachos are the strengths of our company, and our technology is very professional. Our corn flake equipment is exported to more than 20 countries and regions and has received unanimous praise from customers. The customer communicated with us via email as follows: 1.The production process and equipment list of nachos? Corn flakes are processed into nutritious cereals and breakfast cereals through ingredients, extrusion, tablet pressing, baking, sugar coating, and other processes. Mixer→Screw hoister→Double screw extruder→Cooling conveyor→Air conveyor→Big flaking machine→Air conveyor→3-layer oven→Hoister→Shifter→High temperature inflating machine→Flavoring … Read more

Puffed Food Equipment sold to South America

Mr. Jorge of the United States is one of our traders in the United States and South America. From 2011 to now, he has purchased a pet food production line, a puffed food production line, an oil machine, an instant noodle production line, a cornflake breakfast cereal production line, and the like. We’ve been keeping close cooperation. Jorge, entrusted by his end customers, came to our company to inspect the puffed snack production equipment, which produces 200-250 kg / h. We introduced our products to Jorge again: The whole production line of expansion equipment includes: (100-150Kgh,100-250kg/h,300-500kg/h,500kg+/h). 2.Screw hoister Transport the well-stirred material to … Read more

Purchase of Puffing Equipment in Namibia

In Namibia, Ernest saw the double-screw expansion device from our company’s website and was very interested in sending an email asking about the production line. Ernest. He is the manager of a listed company. After a period of struggle, he has saved up part of the money to invest in his own projects. According to his investigation in the local market, the expanding snack is very popular in the local area, so we sent an email for a consultation. According to the client’s demand, we recommend the production line with a minimum output of 56 double screw hosts, equipped with … Read more

Instant Noodle Equipment for inspection in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian customer ordered the fried instant noodles production line in our company in March. We made the production according to the customer’s request. The customer came to our company this week to inspect the goods. Instant noodles are prevalent at home and abroad as a quick, convenient, and tasty pasta dish. Instant noodles, also known as fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, fast cooked noodles, instant noodles, Hong Kong is called son noodles, are a kind of noodles cooked in hot water in a short period. Food puffing machine. Instant noodles are ready to eat foods that can be … Read more

Saudi Arabian customer visits sandwich rice crackers

This month, our international sales team received three customers from Saudi Arabia, a family business with a long history and strong strength, which does food processing business in Saudi Arabia. this visit is to discuss sandwich rice equipment with our company. Our business personnel and engineers, through professional explanation, in the process of testing the machine, we use different molds to make a variety of shapes of expanded snacks and sandwich rice nuts for customers. Customers are very satisfied with the products produced by our equipment, at the same time, they are impressed by our professional service. Customers in the … Read more