Twin Screw Puffed Food Snack Equipment

The twin-screw puffed food snack equipment is suitable for the puffing and molding food, such as oat cake, snowflake crisp, grain cake,  caramel treats, crunchy rice candy, egg crisp, peanut sugar, melon seed crisp, peanut cake, Kimasu, sesame cake and so on.

Extrusion molding technology can be used to process all kinds of puffed food, ready-to-eat grain food, fast food, dairy products, and other foods. And by simply changing the mold, the shape of the product can be changed to produce the product’s other appearance. Therefore, there are many types of products with all kinds of patterns, which can form a series of products, helping to improve production and marketing flexibility and promote overall sales.

Twin screw puffed food snack equipment

Twin-screw puffed food snack equipment advantages:

1. The feeding, rotary cutting, and main drivers of the twin-screw puffed food snack equipment all adopt the frequency operating control system, strong driving force, high swelling rate, stable operation.

2. The screw is made of alloy material by unique processing technology. The hardness of high-speed tool steel screw HRC ≥ 6, good heat and corrosion resistance, automatic lubrication system, reduce the energy consumption of mechanical equipment, smooth use of machinery, reduce maintenance trouble. Long use period, save cost, and expense.

3. The feeding system of twin-screw puffed food equipment adopts the double helix structure for mandatory feeding, the feeding is uniform and wide.

4.Linear bearing tool adjustment system, accurate, safe, and convenient tool adjustment.

5. Double screw puffing snack equipment selection of double alloy mechanical screw double screw. It has a self-cleaning function. The surface is bright and clean, with high precision.

6. Twin-screw food snack equipment’s extrusion machine PLC control has a touch-screen man-machine control operation terminal, the image is clear and intuitive.

7. Twin-screw bulking equipment adopts automatic heating and circulating cooling control technology. Each cavity can be individually adjusted temperature, according to customer demand, can choose steam, electric heating mode, and have accurate temperature control.

8.Direct transmission between motor and distribution boxes, less energy consumption, and energy-saving.

9.Double screw snack puffing machine with the imported bearing group and strong bearing capacity.

10. The barrel is equipped with a water injection device to better meet raw materials and quality needs.

11. The principle of the complete mesh model is adopted for spiral parts,modular combination, and the spiral spindle is involute spline, large transmission torque, convenient installation, and disassembly screw. It can be based on raw materials, product differences free combination.

12.Sectional combination screw, suitable for a wide range of raw materials, more diverse products.

Twin screw puffed food snack equipment

The relative parameters of twin-screw puffing food snack equipment:

typeMain motor powerThe screw diameteroutputboundary dimension
DL90-2 Double screw machine132-160kwΦ92600-1000kg/h5800×1200×2500mm
DL75-2 Double screw machine55-90kwΦ72200-400kg/h5200×1100×2200mm
DL65-2 Double screw machine45-55kwΦ62150-250kg/h4300×1000×1900mm


Single screw extruder:

1. The conveyer in a single screw extruder mainly relies on the friction force between material and barrel. But the twin-screw extruder is a forward displacement conveyor with the function of forcing the material forward.

2. The double screw extruder also has a shearing function to the material at the tooth joint of two screws. The twin-screw extruder uses international advanced frequency conversion technology to convert the ac – current into direct current and then invert the ac – current of different frequencies. Or change the direct current into an alternating current and then change the alternating current into a direct current. It can make production processing and packaging integration, high-efficiency processing, and strict control of product quality.


Buy twin-screw puffed food snack equipment, you will obtain the after-sales service:

1. The machinery factory will provide you with professional consulting services on the sales market, machinery and equipment, processing technology, raw and auxiliary materials, and outer packing.

2. Help you to do well in equipment selection, production process design, industrial plant space layout. Door-to-door service is available upon request.

3. Design a compensation plan for material changes for your products. And do a live demonstration.

4. Provide a variety of basic recipes. Special design, production, and operation test can be carried out according to your requirements, and provide targeted professional training.

5. Design a scientific and reasonable package transportation scheme for you. Transport agents, send professional technical personnel to guide the installation and commissioning, training personnel.

Twin screw puffed food snack equipment

As the economy grows and the standard of living improves, our quality of life is also improving day by day. The health and safety of casual snacks will receive more attention. The bulking process is being updated and will continue to be reformed in the future. We will enjoy more healthy snacks produced by advanced equipment such as twin-screw puffing food snack equipment and corn puffing food machine.