Twin Screw Puffing Food Snack Equipment

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Puffed food snack equipment is made of cereals, tubers, and beans, which contain less water, after pressure and heat treatment, the volume of the raw material itself expands to form a crispy and sweet puffed snack.

Extruded food produced by double screw extruder food equipment

Our Industrial Microwave Equipment is one of the professional suppliers of twin-screw expanding food equipment and can produce mechanical equipment suitable for various types of grain extrusion.

Moreover, these snack puffing machines have the advantage of advanced technology, high quality, high production efficiency, preferential price, and long service life.

The production process of twin-screw puffed snacks:

Mix machine—screw elevator—twin-screw extruder—the wind to send machine(PVCelevator)—oven—seasoning line-cooler—packing machine

Flow chart of twin-screw puffing food equipment processing

While researching and developing our expanding equipment, we try our best to reduce costs, guarantee the quality, and put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Our equipment can be arranged in L shape according to customers’ different sites, which can be adjusted flexibly, greatly reducing customers’ site costs! You want to know more about the equipment, please contact us, we will give you the fastest satisfactory reply to meet the different needs of customers.

According to a different output, twin-screw extruder can be divided into the following types:

type \ nameDL56-IIIDL65-IIDL70-IIDL85-IIDL32-II
Full titleTwin-screw extruder
Line itemThree lines four items(2firing lines 1null line 1baseline)
0perationPress the knob manuallyPress the knob manuallyPress the knob manuallyPress the knob manuallyLCD touch screen
Mains input380V/50HZ(Other power supply voltage can be customized)
Installed power35KW46KW46KW90KW10KW
The real power consumption25KW30KW30KW55KW7KW
Production capacity120-150Kg/h150-180Kg/h200-260Kg/h300-500Kg/h10-15Kg/h
Size dimension2.5×0.8×1.8m3.2×1.0×2m3.2×1.0×2m4.5×1.2×2.4m21×0.65×1.6m
The thickness of stainless steel1.2mm
The screw material38CrMoAL/38
The length of the screw1050mm1520mm1520mm1563mmmm
The screw diameter65mm65mm70mm85mm30mm
Motor power22kw30kw30kw55kw5.5kw
Heating power2*5kw 10kw10kw12kw16kwKW
Feeding power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW1.5kwKW
Rotary cutting power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW1.5kwKW
The pump power0.37kw0.12kw
Water cyclebe able to customizestandard configuration
The machine is composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, and control system. Adopting advanced screw extruding technology, using high temperature and high pressure to cure the material, and extrude it into shape.

The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the stability of the production process. The product design is rich in color and variety, beautiful in appearance, natural and realistic, delicate in texture, and widely used in raw materials.

What are the advantages of choosing our twin-screw puffing food equipment?

  • 1.Twin-screw expansion line product diversification
  • The main feature of the twin-screw puffing snack production line is the variety of functions. The puffing snack of different flavors can be varied through a series of operations, such as changing molds and changing seasonings.
  • 2.Wide range of raw materials
  • The twin-screw puffing production line can use corn, rice, wheat, starch, black rice, mung bean, buckwheat, and other kinds of grain flour. The fineness of raw materials should be above 60~80mm.
  • 3.Product diversification
  • The twin-screw puffing production line can also be adjusted for pet feed, baby nutrition rice powder, sandwich rice, breakfast cereals, and other products. Product diversification, never let customers down!
  • 4. The equipment is environment-friendly and pollution-free
  • No wastewater or gas will be discharged during the operation of the bulking equipment.

 All kinds of mold production of puffed food

With the end of the Canton fair machinery exhibition, our new and old customers began to focus on visiting our TuoBo company for in-depth cooperation. Over the past decade, we have sold this machine to every region of the world through our efforts.

Customer visiting
Customer visiting

Food Equipment has excellent quality, easy to use, and environmental protection. Our after-sale service is considerate. Over the years, our products have been exported to many parts of the world and many loyal customers have inspected and ordered.

Before you purchase our product, we will provide free consulting services. When you purchase our product, we are free for your debugging and installation. After the purchase, we will still be time for you to answer questions, if necessary, on-site maintenance and testing can also be provided. The tradition of regular return visits has also been well received. Please contact us if you want to purchase it.